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Unlike so many of our recent projects where clients ask us to remove walls and create more open spaces, this busy Almaden Valley family wanted instead to prioritize a neatly defined kitchen and an open sightline to the backyard. To preserve this definition and add some seating, KDS added a peninsula to the kitchen. We wanted to create efficiency and maximum function in such a cozy space, so in addition to adding a peninsula we moved the range from its original zone by the dining doorway to the middle of the kitchen. This creates more counterspace and puts the focus of the kitchen in the center.

No kitchen is complete without a pantry. Because of the size of this kitchen, we had to be a little creative with pantry placement. So, instead of crowding the 36” range and putting the pantry next to it, we decided to place it next to the refrigerator. The corner location allowed for a 12” pullout pantry with great storage.

As wine aficionados, having glassware and beverage storage were a must. So, the French doors leading out into the beautiful backyard and pool were shifted to create enough wall space for a bar. Situating the bar by the door to the backyard was a bonus.

Having a rich granite was also important. To create contrast and highlight the beauty and depth of the stone we chose a recessed door-style with a lightly stepped detail in iceberg white. The simplicity of the cabinetry highlights the deep complexity of the stone. While the styling of the cabinetry is traditional, it’s still very clean and fresh.

Grey glass tile are a subtle and stylish backsplash, while dark hardwood add a touch of sophistication.

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