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The owners of this beautiful home in Los Altos Hills have an incredible backyard. To bring the outside in, the back walls of the house connecting living, dining, and kitchen rooms were converted to a series of interconnected glass doors. KDS was brought into the project to design a kitchen that would complement the casual elegance of the evolving space.

The homeowners wanted to incorporate an open gathering space with a clean white transitional door-style. So, we chose a shaker door with a slight inside bevel for the perimeter. To convey the ease between outdoor and indoor living, a stylish, but rustic-feeling walnut island became the centerpiece. The natural beauty was further enhanced with a gorgeous oiled walnut top that the homeowners sourced themselves. The custom iron legs were also a nod to rustic rusticity that nicely compliment the Edison pendants hanging from the coffered ceiling.

We created visual harmony in the expansive space by repeating certain rectangular elements horizontally like the walnut floating shelves, walnut soffit, stainless steel hood, and chunky walnut island countertop.

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