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The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2023

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen but need some ideas for creating a fresh and trendy space, check out this list of the top kitchen design trends of 2023. You’ll be on your way to drafting the perfect kitchen design in no time!

Bold Colors & Unique Fixtures

While sleek, white, minimalist designs have been the rage for some time, in 2023, bold design choices have become more common. Bright colored paint and fixtures, uniquely designed cabinetry, and eye-catching flooring are trending among homeowners that love making a daring statement with their space. It’s chic to paint kitchen islands and cabinets in saturated hues and many homeowners are in love with vibrant blues and greens as well as Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta. These bright focal points are frequently paired with natural wood accents around the rest of the kitchen, creating a gorgeous and intriguing contrast.

Mixed Materials & Styles

Newly designed kitchens in 2023 are increasingly using a mix of materials and styles to create distinct aesthetics. You are likely to see many types of wood, metal, marble, concrete, and other materials seamlessly incorporated into an overall design that blurs the line between rustic and modern. Additionally, porcelain countertops have become a newly popular option, and many homeowners are opting for lightly painted upper cabinets to give their kitchen a bigger and brighter feel.

Enhanced Lighting

Now more than ever, kitchen lighting is being focused on. Homeowners are in love with a variety of lighting solutions like customizable smart lighting systems that can change colors or be dimmed to match the mood and time of day. Contemporary and statement-making chandeliers have also become popular among homeowners who want their kitchen’s lighting to be a strong focal point.

An Evolution of Islands

Islands are one of the most beloved kitchen fixtures, and in 2023, that certainly hasn’t changed. However, many homeowners are now incorporating multiple islands in their kitchen designs and choosing islands that feature functional workstations that combine large sinks, storage spaces, cutting boards, knife blocks, and other accessories.

Trust an Experienced Kitchen Design Team

Creating the perfect kitchen design by yourself isn’t easy. Fortunately, the experts at Kitchen Design Services can help. For more than two decades, our experienced design team has created innovative kitchen design plans for homeowners in California and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a no-stress consultation at your home or online.


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